Camp Activities

All of the resources are FULL and INCLUSIVE; they are designed to be used without any or much additional help. You may download the audio files that accompany some resources here, but be aware that they are between 30 and 60 megabytes each! Help applying this information and more is also available.

Archery (80K)5 PagesArticle from Camp Magazine that I wrote on how to start an archery program, some things to keep in mind, and some pointers on running the program.  Additional resource notes offer what you need to get fully running!
Vespers (290K)43 PagesAt camps, a vespers (assembly) event is often a time to convey some enduring value or principle.  Seven stories with processing questions are provided, as is a framework for conducting a vespers session. 
Special Days (518K)8 PagesWhen the normal program stops and special activities are called for, use some of these ideas.
Forgotten Period (167K)12 PagesTo help campers develop and have fun, use the period many camps forget about.
Rainy Days (391K)2 PagesRainy day ideas that make a splash!