Evaluation Trilogy

All of the resources are FULL and INCLUSIVE; they are designed to be used without any or much additional help. You may download the audio files that accompany some resources here, but be aware that they are between 30 and 60 megabytes each! Help applying this information and more is also available.

(21 pages)
Detailed, but clear information about what Emotional Intelligence is, why it is crucial, and how to develop it.  Information on applying it to interpersonal relationships is also included.

(55 slides)
Utilizing this knowledge will help you understand and communicate what your camp does in an unprecedented way.  The staff and campers will benefit enormously from this knowledge.  View this slide show and reach a new plateau of understanding and effectiveness.  This is not just about “evaluation.”

(25 slides)
If you want to assess how well your camp is achieving its mission and outcomes, this knowledge is essential.  Picking measures is hard to do, but this shows you the process and offers questions/criteria to make sure you pick a winner.  Slide show explains and guides you through this sticky area.