Honestly, you’re probably able to help yourself just fine.

The resources are designed to be used without assistance. If you need additional assistance and I can provide it remotely, relatively quickly, I’m happy to do that for free.

Think about this:  there are more than 20,000 camps and outdoor education centers in the world.  They serve millions of children and families and groups.  My goal is to help improve the experience.  Best if folks are enabled and empowered to help themselves. 🙂

That said, I am open to more in depth help if appropriate.

Organizational development

  • Assessment of camp culture – the life blood of every camp
  • How does your camp rate on organizational best practices (detailed report)
  • Harness what your camp learns and knows to better the experience for everyone
  • Find the better wheel someone else already created – benchmarking for success
  • Innovation and continuous improvement review and development
  • Camper and parent satisfaction surveys and reporting mechanisms

People power

(recruiting, training, motivating, and developing)

  • Novel and effective means of recruiting quality staff – achieve 10 applications per 1 hire
  • Staff hiring process that successfully weeds out inappropriate applicants, and accurately predicts future staff performance
  • Implement best-practice staff performance evaluation systems
  • Thorough review of orientation before campers arrive (including staff manual)
  • On-going staff training review against best practices
  • Review staff motivation strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Enhance your camp’s ability to manage the mistakes everyone makes
  • Utilize emotional intelligence assessments to develop key staff

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are also possible on all the resource topics, as well as other areas
such as:  ritual; community; media influence education; storytelling as an organizational
strategy; wish, wonder, and surprise; and more.

Meeting your mission

  • Examine your outcomes (benefits) through easy to understand and communicate graphics
  • Assessment of the degree to which your camp is currently meeting your mission
  • Program, process, and system development to better meet your mission
  • Return rate analysis – digging way beneath the surface (multi-page report based on your data)

Marketing and communication

  • Create a graphical map that analyzes where campers come from, and learn how to
    capitalize on that information.  Tribes!
  • Implement a “Partnering with Parents” program to better position your camp, and serve your youth development mission
  • Examination of camper recruiting practices and results

Program development

  • General clinic/activity review and development
  • Expanding and innovating free-choice programs
  • Camper activity selection process
  • All-camp games and special events
  • Cabin activities
  • Community service
  • Ceremonies and rituals
  • Pickup games to energize down times

Thanks for reading this, and all the best in enriching lives and changing the world.