Philosophy & Miscellaneous

All of the resources are FULL and INCLUSIVE; they are designed to be used without any or much additional help. You may download the audio files that accompany some resources here, but be aware that they are between 30 and 60 megabytes each! Help applying this information and more is also available.


Wish, Wonder, and Surprise (184K)

5 pagesCreators of any ilk entreat Wish, open to Wonder, and are readily tickled by Surprise.  Learn what they are, how they are experienced in normal life by children and adults, how children experience them at camp, what is different about Wish, Wonder, and Surprise at camp, and how to enrich daily family life with Wish, Wonder, and Surprise.  
The Heart of Camping (115K)4 pagesThis piece addresses the nature and importance of a camp that focuses on the heart, as well as how to find such a camp.  It includes why heart is important and quotes for reflection as well.
Three words (20K)2 pagesThese three words changed my life and the life of my camp.  Invest 5 minutes and see how they might change yours as well.